How to write a byline for a feature article

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How to write a feature article The Mean Old Structure: If you build your story around a unique and compelling idea, your odds of publishing it increase dramatically.

A byline can also serve to position the writer as an expert or authority on a specific topic or target audience. Provide evidence for the thesis in the body of the article. When done thoughtfully and consistently, a byline can even become part of the brand or identity of a writer.

By incorporating keyword phrases into your link text, you increase the number of backlinks to your site using that keyword phrase and ultimately increase your search engine rankings.

How to Write a Byline

Opinion pieces, reviews, political commentary, and other types of content that are specifically positioned as an individual person's take on an issue need a byline simply to clarify the content's status.

A feature article may provide more information about an important issue, offer an opinion about current affairs, or simply present a personal or humorous perspective on modern day life. Purpose Feature articles are detailed pieces of writing that explore a range of issues, opinions, experiences and ideas.

Research potential keyword phrases that best describe your company on Google's Keyword Tool. Include all your facts, statistics, and quotes to support your argument.

The conclusion is often structured in the same way as the lead as it refers to the angle presented in the introduction.

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What a Byline Contains The byline typically contains the name of the reporter or writer who developed the story. Using catchy phrases that sum up important messages above every few paragraphs will make your article easy to read.

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Think of this as a preview to the rest of your feature article. A feature article is the main story in the magazine that focuses on a special event, place or person in great detail. Even if some of the following criteria lead you to include bylines, it might be better to remove them for the mobile version of your site.

As always when writing for the webone main guideline is to keep it short. Endings The conclusion often connects with an idea that has been developed in the lead, or it can in some way summarise the main points of the article. Regardless, it should appeal to the particular audience being targeted.

If the author is famous — maybe even famous enough that people might read the piece mainly to hear what he or she has to say on some current issue. If appropriate, you can add contact info at the bottom of the biography page.

Need a byline for my feature article?

Develop a strong thesis. Key Words The vocabulary includes many words that relate to the specific subject discussed. A company or media outlet that desires to promote their brand may be simple.

Avoid this trap and remember that you are writing a news article, not an instruction manual. This is because their audience dislikes pushy sales pieces.

Remember that each publication has a specific target audience, and a distinct style of writing. The byline started out as a method for accountability and credit, but in time it so much more.

What counts is whether the author is known to the target audience. A recent post by New York Times technology columnist and blogger David Pogue makes a humorous case for avoiding technology jargon if at all possible.

For a few examples of byline articles we have written for our clients, check out the links below or e-mail us. But there are a number of criteria.

This can be a standard headshot or an action shot of the author doing something relevant to the article such as sitting on a tractor, for a farmer writing about farming. Is it interesting enough to write about? A missing byline typically implies an anonymous article or report. If you do not own a company but you are linking over to your website, describe your relationship -- a site owner, contributor or guest writer -- with your website and what readers would find if they visited your site.

Syntax Sentence length is varied to avoid monotony in structure, ranging from short and simple to long and complex.An article's byline generally describes you and your company in a few short sentences. A byline can even attract page visitors to your site, where they may buy your products, try your services or subscribe to your blog.

What is a Byline: Conclusion So, when truthfully done, the answer to “what is a byline” is that it credits the author and personalizes the article. A byline lets the audience know who is talking to them and what—if any—knowledge or experience they bring to the topic.

For example, the designer of a website should be named when writing an article discussing that design. If somebody often writes about a certain topic, regular readers might recognize the name and want to seek out the writer's other articles.

A bylined article is one of the most effective tools available for establishing credibility with a target audience because it showcases you as a thought leader in your field. What is a Byline: Conclusion So, when truthfully done, the answer to “what is a byline” is that it credits the author and personalizes the article.

A byline lets the audience know who is talking to them and what—if any—knowledge or experience they bring to the topic. Each Feature Article has a headline. Articles generally include a synopsis as part of the byline. is usually referred to as the 'Stand Out' or ' Write Off'.

Feature Articles include a byline. The byline states the name of the writer.

How to write a byline for a feature article
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