Grunge paper

Stained Grunge Paper

The first technique only takes a few minutes to do, and the remainder of the time the item spends in the oven so you can do something else while your material is perfectly grunging itself! Using various stamps from StudioI over stamped the image to add interest. Social Icons Once the pattern is created, I load Twitter and Facebook icons from my shape set and apply my pattern.

This is a great time to add a specific chant or charm to infuse the fabric with focused energy. Draw the outline of the tombstone on one half of the paper and cut it out, keeping the paper folded as you cut. The theme of this wrinkled grunge texture template is both unique and bold in nature.

The color and the texture of the template are sure to add an extra warm to your house. Tea is ruled by the Sun and is thought to promote good fortune, great riches, courage, longevity and strength.

Fold the paper in half vertically. This is what they all 3 look like together after incorporating the metal texture: The whole time I was working, the creative juices were flowing.

How to Grunge Material for Primitive Projects and Petitions — The Magickal Way!

Thanks for stopping by. I finally bought some online. Just above the photo layer, draw a horizontal bar with the Rectangle Shape Tool U.

Grunge Wallpapers

The pictures below show a conjuring bag I made for a friend. Starting with the smallest 1 petal piece, roll it lengthwise, like a cone, with the points of the petal overlapping. Step 1 Cut 3 flowers from grungepaper. Fonts For final touches, I add titles and menus using grunge fonts.

She lives in the mountains in the south-west of Poland.


Now you have a tombstone. I cut the different sized flowers using the Cricut - I forget which cartridges I used for these ones as it was a while ago that I did them!! Ruled by Jupiter and often used for protection, multiplying money, and love.

You can use simple magicks to cleanse and consecrate or you can go all out with a big ritual -- the choice is yours!

Old Paper Grunge Textures

To loosen up the fabric, roll in your hands, bunch it, squeeze it, and roll again. My new favorite is grungepaper, a flexible paper that can be crumpled, stamped, painted, stitched, and otherwise distressed.Grunge Paper Each brush is unique and offers a nice variety in grunge looks that can easily be applied to an entire area to give it an even grunge look This is an ideal set for those doing work with grunge.

Oct 11,  · Grungeboard what it is and what you can do with it.

old parchment or grunge paper texture

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Category: Grunge Textures, Paper textures background burnt damaged grunge grungy old paper texture wallpaper aged aging ancient antique blank brown burned canvas color dirt frame manuscript page paint parchment retro stained torn vintage worn yellow.

Grunge Paper. by Janet Marion (Neosho, MO) I was watching a video from EVG where you made a "list" journal from a black file folder and it had a grunge paper spine.

Free Grunge Textures. L+T provides free textures for use in your next project.

Grunge paper
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