Environmental values and resources congruence

Results are reported in Figure 1 and Table 3. In the first stage time 1we distributed questionnaires to employees, and received effective responses Control Variables Prior findings have indicated that employee gender, employee age, employee education, and dyad tenure are associated with green behavior eg.

Cross-taxon congruence and environmental conditions

Green self-identity represents the degree to which the individual regards himself as an environment-friendly person Werff et al. In the particular case of birds and mammals, a recent study showed that diversity of both groups is spatially correlated, showing a common latitudinal trend [ 41 ].

Subsequently, we discussed Environmental values and resources congruence deviation by comparing the translation results with the original sentence and modified our statements properly.

Background Spatial concordance in diversity of different taxa is a recurrent feature in nature [ 1 - 3 ]. For example, maybe you are aware of the importance of protecting the environment, but if you always use the car perhaps you live far away from the companyyou may not define yourself as an environmentalist.

Previous research samples of green transformational leadership were selected from western developed countries e. Although prior research has examined the direct relationship between green transformational leadership and employee green behavior, the underlying mechanisms have remained under-examined, especially from the value perspective.

In addition, there is empirical evidence that value congruence affects the effectiveness of transformational leadership. They are devoted to the delivery of green values that are beneficial to the organization and environment, making subordinates consider work as a reflection of their own values.

Results The descriptive statistics and correlations of all study variables are shown in Table 2. Practical implications and directions for future research are also discussed.

The Role of Value Congruence in Organizational Change

The strength of this association, known as cross-taxon congruence, depends on the studied taxonomic groups and the scale of analysis [ 4 ].

To promote employee green behavior, it is essential to understand what factors affect such pro-environmental actions and how these effects can be influenced.

The fourth variable is closely associated with water availability, and the last one represents the interaction between water and energy [ 43 ]. Employee Green Behavior We measured employee green behavior using a 7-item scale developed by Robertson and Barling We have no references for this item.

Means, standard deviations, and correlations among study variables. The empirical results have supported our hypothesized model, suggesting that green transformational leadership has an indirect influence on employee green behavior through value congruence, and that this mediation effect could be moderated by green identity.

In this framework, the observed cross-taxon congruence in diversity patterns would be a by-product of the similar response to spatial climatic variability. Employees who feel a sense of commitment to the organization do more than complete the minimum required to finish job tasks.

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NDVI is a measure of productivity, and so it is a surrogate of the amount of energy that actually enters the food chains. In addition, temperature could determine richness through its effects on vital rates [ 2930 ].Background.

Environmental values and resource management options: a choice modelling experience in Malaysia

Diversity patterns of different taxa typically covary in space, a phenomenon called cross-taxon congruence. This pattern has been explained by the effect of one taxon diversity on taxon diversity, shared biogeographic histories of different taxa, and/or common responses to environmental conditions.

Request PDF on ResearchGate | Employer–Employee Congruence in Environmental Values: An Exploration of Effects on Job Satisfaction and Creativity | This. Individuals’ values and beliefs may change as a result of learning through their experiences but changes in an individual’s circumstances or environment may.

Value congruence, or agreement between personal and organizational values, becomes a consideration for managers, as Edwards and Daniel () point out managers use interview tactics to assess value congruence, and use managerial strategies to mold new employees in the direction of.

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The higher a CEOs values congruence score, the more important the organization's environmental mission was in the CEO's decision to accept his/her current position.

However, the opposite finding was indicated with regard to "environmental commitment" activities of CEOs. "Environmental and Social Values from Plantation Forests: A Study in New Zealand with Focus on the Hawke’s Bay Region," Conference, August, Nelson, New ZealandNew Zealand Agricultural and Resource Economics Society.

Environmental values and resources congruence
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