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This decreased the number of crops during the harvest time and forced the Romans to undergo widespread irrigation projects on land The huge quantities of water needed for this project had to be contained in large reservoirs, and the standing water soon became stagnant, and stagnant water is the ideal environment for breeding mosquitoes who are the carriers of Decline of roman empire essay.

This affected nearly every aspect of Roman life, from the decline of the population to the lack of maintenance of foundation. Due to the Roman citizens growing distrust of the Empire less people volunteered to join their armies which forced the military to hire common criminals and non-Roman mercenaries.

According to myth, the Roman Empire was two brothers named Romulus and Remus. There was not one cause that led to the fall of Rome, but many things occurring in succession to each other. The dependence on slave labour caused high unemployment and the stagnation of technology for the last years of the Roman Empire.

For with great prosperity came a dreadful plummet and eventually collapse It is necessary to consider the most characteristic and defining feature of the latter that there is an individual property of the serf on the instruments of production and on the private enterprise, based on a personal labor along with the feudal ownership of the land.

A lot of people gained power this way, but some were just born into a powerful family However, this revolution could not be made by only internal forces of the Roman society. The slaveholding way of production became obsolete; it settled possibilities of its development, causing the slaveholding relations and the slaveholding society to be at a deadlock.

Just because the Christianity was the brightest expression of this crisis, subsequently it appeared possible to adapt it to the needs of the social order which came instead of the slaveholding one. Especially sharp forms of class fights occur in the areas where the slaveholding relations reached the greatest development where there were strong means of suppression in the hands of the ruling class, as it was, first of all, in the Roman Empire.

The Romans failed to develop a suitable system to determine who the new emperor would be, unlike the Ancient Greeks before them who held elections. The military also spent loads of money on the transport of food and grain to ensure their soldiers were fed, horses were also vital, the roads and bridges needed to be repaired constantly and weapons also needed to be manufactured.

In this maneuvering a well-known conservatism of the Roman state was also shown.

The Decline of Rome

They also failed to discover new ways of developing their technology or add to their income when invading other lands. When the Emperor Tiberius was overthrown the Praetorian Guard auctioned the throne to the highest bidder for years. Not mentioning an important role of the cities of the eastern part of the empire or Africa, it should be noted that the cities of the western provinces in some cases continued to keep their value as the local economic and political centers, for example, in the Rhenish and Danubian areas.

Many of the slaves that Rome depended on were being freed lowering the production of goods and weapons, forcing the government to hire workers to be paid for a lot less work.

In addition many people did not want to serve in the military because of what they would be put through. Unlike that of China, the decline of Rome was much more upsetting having a much larger impact on the surrounding world.

The calibre of the soldiers was gradually decreasing because as more and more people received citizenship, the Romans had to stray farther and farther to find new recruits. As it has already been shown above, the small and average land tenure, which was connected with the cities and kept most lines of the slaveholding economy of the former times, endures the decline in the late empire.

There was often tension and disagreement between the two Empires, resulting in hostility. Essay UK - http: The number of slave workers increased dramatically during the first two centuries of the Roman Empire. The superiority of the Praetorian Guard, which consisted of the most distinguished and decorated soldiers within the empire and personal bodyguards and counsel to the Emperor, led to the majority of the political corruption in the empire and grew to such an extent that the Praetorian Guard held secret meetings to conspire to overthrow the Emperor and to decide on who they saw as a suitable replacement.

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If a Roman citizen ever did enlist, it was most likely because they were of the upper class and likely to be promoted to a high rank, such as officer, upon joining. All four played a major part to the empire The problem had gotten so out of hand that 60 different men had been proclaimed emperor between CE and CE, most of whom were army commanders named Emperor by their troops.

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The destruction of the Roman military power in the fifth century was responsible for the collapse of the government in the West. A nation which amassed a military like no other, grew an economy so strong that it seemed everlasting, and established a government that stood for its people.

Decline of the Roman Empire

The destruction of the slaveholding system led not at once to the strengthening of a more progressive feudal system, which opened new possibilities for the development of productive forces. There were also some military aspects that led to there demise and because people became disinterested in joining the Roman army Rome was left unprotected against all of their enemies.

The decline of Roman Empire was due to military, economic, political, social problems, and the spread of Christianity. Power hungry generals were aware of this and often acted selfishly in hopes of ruling the Empire.

The army, though chaotic, was still quite influential when it came to politics because anyone hoping to become emperor would require their support. Non-citizens who served in the Roman army would be granted citizenship at the end of their enlistment.

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The elites of Rome including the Republic and Empire made these political changes in order to create this image that would create the power behind RomeThe Empire was strategically defensive rather than offensive.

The decline and fall of the Western Roman Empire in the fourth and fifth. The Rise of the Roman Empire can be contributed to many factors.

Those factors would include strength in the military, society, leadership, religious, and architectural aspects of the Roman Empire.

The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire Essay Words 5 Pages The era dominated by Roman empire is one the most well-known and influential periods of history, home to famous names from Julius Caesar to Jesus Christ.

The Roman Empire was as destined to fall after it had successfully risen as high as it had. The Middle East was affected through out the rise and fall of the Roman Empire. 5 Key Points 1. After the fall of the Roman Empire the Byzantines took charge of the Middle East. 4. Political and economical reasons led to the fall of the Roman Empire.

/5(9). The Roman Empire was one of the most powerful empires in the history of mankind.

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In fact, it may even be considered the most powerful empire to have ever existed. However, the mighty empire of Rome has fallen. There are many events which many scholars and historians believe have lead to the fall of 3/5(9).

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Essay on The Decline Of The Roman Empire - To many people, the mention of the Roman Empire invokes thoughts of gladiators, debauchery, and the abuse of power. To others, it brings visualizations of classical statues, beautiful temples, and mythological gods.

The Roman Empire was all of that and more.

Decline of roman empire essay
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