Corporation code of ethics

Variations on this theme exist.

Global Code of Conduct

Engage our diverse workforce by ensuring that we maintain a respectful and welcoming work environment. In a situation with concerns or doubts about failure to abide by the code of ethics, the Corporation works on inspiring and creating the culture of immediate reporting such concerns to proper authorities via several channels such as line manager, Human Resources, Legal Affairs and helpdesk phone for technical support for handling legal and regulatory violations.

Given the formidable power of corporations and the profit motives that shape their priorities, questions remain as to the degree to which they will genuinely prioritize socially responsible behaviour and facilitate stakeholder input in corporate governance.

Commonly generated by corporations themselves, corporate codes of conduct vary extensively in design and objective. These groups typically define all those with whom the corporation has an interaction.

Business ethics emerged as a specialty in the s in the wake of the "social responsibility" movement embraced by some large corporations; that movement itself was stimulated by rising public interest in consumerism and the environment. Professional integrity is the cornerstone of many employees' credibility.

Corporate code of conduct

The corporate sector has long resisted the call for tighter centralized regulation of its activities, claiming that this would unacceptably reduce competitive capacity and depress financial growth.

Directors, officers and employees may also acquire confidential information regarding individuals and corporate or business entities through their position with the Corporation.

Motivated by the primary corporate objectives of minimizing risk and enhancing returns, the corporation seeks to project an attractive public image and increase shareholder investment. Adding value to the commercial aspect of the Corporation, and increase the trust of customers, providers partners, communities and governments in the Corporation.

A familiar theme is corporate social responsibility CSRintroduced to promote the idea that corporate activities should, at the very least, avoid disruption to the wider society and preferably generate positive effects. This requirement has given corporations strong incentives to formulate codes of ethics in order to win investor confidence.

Corporate code of conduct

Subsequently, it is argued that only legal measures obliging corporations to disclose the relevant material will establish a true incentive for genuinely responsible corporate behaviour. Rules of Conduct Rules of conduct are typically subdivided.

Encourage self-control, and provide protection beyond the methods of external control only. The purpose of the code is to provide members and other interested persons with guidelines for making ethical choices in the conduct of their work.

Refrain to accept any bribe or any other temptation whatsoever, for achieving any purpose such as: Discussion of the matter in a staff meeting may serve the purpose better:ARTICLE 2: RULES OF CONDUCT AND CODE OF ETHICS.

The code of ethics comprise the rules of conduct to be followed by all SABIC employees daily, in all transactions and in every work location. UTC's Code of Ethics is the foundation of our culture.


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Intel’s Code of Conduct applies to all employees and sets expectations for Intel Corporation and its subsidiaries (referred to collectively as ‘Intel’) as well as our non-employee members of the Board of Directors regarding their.

Code of Conduct - Sweden (PDF, 5 MB) Code of Conduct - UK (PDF, 5 MB) On August 31,McKesson updated its Code of Conduct to reflect rebranding of its business operations in the European Economic Area and European Union under the consolidated name McKesson Europe, including translated versions for each of the different sub-brands and countries in which the company operates.

Corporate Governance The Hershey Company ("Hershey" or "Company") sets high ethical standards for the Company and our directors, officers and employees.

Integrity was a key value of the Company when it was established by Milton Hershey more than a century ago, and it remains an essential part of our culture to this day. UTC's Code of Ethics is the foundation of our culture.

Corporation code of ethics
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