Case study on different leadership styles

Here are some nursing leadership styles which you can merge with your abilities, desire, and enthusiasm to work as a leader — 1.

The important thing to remember about an autocratic, authoritarian style of leadership is that it is not innately bad. Twelve themes aligned with the four categories; the themes emerged through checking the transcripts in the NVivo 10 software for frequency of unit analysis.

What's Your Leadership Style?

It's how leaders use them that determines success or failure. The inmates could not receive substance abuse treatment if they were moved to the stockade. This system will typically have more communication and more teamwork than the exploitative system, but still ranks relatively low on both factors.

They pay special attention to their needs and ask the employees if they want any kind of help. Inmates and addicts are rebellious by nature, where the power and control of the correction officers disturbed the inmates.

Innovation leadership

Participant 1 suggested the program counselors worked at specific times, and the only time corrections officers interacted with inmates during class time was to diminish disturbances. To be worthy of emulation, leadership practice should clearly achieve set goals.

For men, the relationship is positive, i. Tom Coughlin Controversial head coach of the New York Giants, a stern taskmaster and disciplinarian who learned to adapt his leadership style to improve his relationships with his team but never lost sight of his goal: The musician given responsibility for a piece of music acts in a much more participative style rather than the autocratic style typically used by conductors.

In this style, the leader tries to make the followers more independent in achieving their task, he lets them take routine decisions while still tries to facilitates high level problem solving.

Transactional leaders are required when some tasks need to be carried out in a specific manner. Coaching Leaders develop people for the future. If the leader is inflexible, then the organization is forced to be accustomed to his style, which cannot be very fruitful in a long run.

Nurse manager just motivates the employees to pursue and share a common target and vision by providing proper guidance about where to go and what to do with proper stepwise procedure of how to reach there.

L1 did not clarify what trait of the leadership were considered worth emulating by him and why? In this style, the leader acts as a sincere friend for the followers.

The results of the current qualitative case study indicated that the factors that motivated the participants who participated in the jail-based substance abuse program were different.

Most notable is probably the Orpheus Chamber Orchestra which we will discuss in more detail under the other leadership styles. Subordinates have input and are given choices.

According to Participant 5, the officers who provided acts of kindness helped reduce relapse and recidivism. Workers are not even allowed to ask if they have some doubts about the validity of a directive. Participant 5 suggested that the individuals who brought the step meetings into the jail were supportive, encouraging, and uplifting.The best way to influence is to use the right leadership style.

Leadership Styles

And to do that, it's best to have know and use as many styles as possible. Discover one for almost every situation.

study was to explore Mr. Clark’s leadership style as principal of EHS, and to investigate from the point of view of Mr. Clark’s former students, teachers, and administrators what, if any effect, his leadership style had at EHS, as well as on his students, teachers, and.

This leadership style is best suited to environments where jobs are fairly routine or require limited skills.

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It is also common in military organisations. Paul Hersey and Ken Blanchard insituational leadership is a theory that the best leaders utilise a range of different styles.

The Impact of Organizational Structure and Leadership Styles on Innovation 57 | Page. The Different Leadership Styles and their impact On Profitability: A Case Study of Women Entrepreneurs In Northern District.

In this study we discussed various approaches to transformational and transactional leadership styles and behaviours and in the course of the discussion we showed the different views and perceptions on leadership styles.

Case study on different leadership styles
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