A comparison of archos 605 and ipod touch

I have much knowledge of Archos and their outstanding products. It only has a piezo speaker for making simple beeps; any audio playback requires headphones. They require 'mobile' versions of web sites and are simply no comparison to what Apple has delivered with Safari. As you pointed, there's a rich add-on market for Apple-only products.

And since when was there a 'tax' for using iTunes? The Zune Social online network is supposed to give a boost to song sharing among Zune users, giving users the means to send along tracks on the web. When I saw this on eBay, I went stright to Archos's main page to see more, I was corious about this, just to find out that it had two older brothers in the series.

Being able to play videos on your MP3 player too, wow, that's an amazing feature, nobody tried that trick before fall '05! I can understand WMA, but Divx?!?!? The Touch also lacks any type of remote control. Standard rate include accommodation, buffet breakfast and free WIFI.

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Or maybe a good honest review of any other player aside of Apple based crap as other posters have stated. Buttons and Controls The Touch has a single home button on its chin just like the iPhone, although the button is slightly smaller and not as deeply recessed.

I previously doubted Apple would put a store on the iPhone or similar handheld device, because I thought it would complicate the existing contracts with labels that allow iTunes songs to play back on five computers but unlimited numbers of iPods.

I told them that the Tech support had patch me to the online store. Well, we've been playing with the new Zune hardware as well as the software update to our first gen deviceand there's no mistake about it: Well, they've never had a touchscreen keyboard on the iPod either, and that's the main reason why the iPod's calendar features have languished; it's simply not practical to enter calendar items with a click-wheel.

November 24, 4: What it doesn't have: That's all irrelevant to users who don't want to buy Starbucks music, because you have to concertedly dig to find the page. Bring your A-game, do something new. Now keep in mind there are some pretty big differences in the two, but money is money.

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It syncs over desktop bookmarks via iTunes, allows you to load multiple pages at once, and zooms in and out of web pages with the touch of a finger. Touch that and it displays a list of nearly 20 different types, each of which presents the familiar page of two picks by Apple and another ten items actually related to that genre.

Absolutely a better product. What's left to say? Here are 8 reasons why you should consider this older model: Additional consumptions as frigobar, phone calls, restaurant, room service, laundry service, etc.

Apparently, none of the Archos models are compliant. And the painful part is sometimes all it means to take users seriously on other platforms is making the device mass-storage compliant.

The Touch as an iPod The Touch is an amazing device, executed with brilliant hardware design and borrowing much of the iPhone's slick software. For starters, the Archos player has a 4.

It's also beautiful that it provides a full browser, making it harder to weep about not being able to bring along one's own scrap of information to read. Missing potential PDA features.

The Touch also supports a new double-click feature for the home button. The colors on the Archos also seem innaccurate - especially when viewing tv content.

The Zune has supported wireless sync and filesharing with other Zunes for a year, but Apple didn't incorporate that in any of their products. I found the sound quality to be very good, and the volume went well beyond what earbuds can deliver before distorting. Calendar and Contacts As noted earlier, the Touch's Calendar is identical to the iPhone's apart from the critical problem of not being able to enter new events.

For everyone else, the new Touch is an amazingly thin and sexy new media playing, web browsing, photo viewing, widescreen, multi-touch member of the iPod family that simply changes the game in handheld media players.

That being the case, I can criticize the Touch for not delivering parity with the other recent iPods in three areas: Safari can also be used to play live audio and video podcasts that are published according to the standard iPod file formats.Archos 32 Internet Tablet review Source: PC Advisor As a media player, the Archos 32 Internet Tablet could be a good travelling companion on the cheap if you don't already own an iPod touch or a.

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Archos Wi Fi Portable Media Player GB at Amazon com Read honest the time txt file for setting date and time One Touch Recording While in standby mode simply press the record button on the camera to start D Body Digital SLR Camera comparison on basis of connectivity zoom.

Sep 27,  · I would like to get this player for internet use (mainly). I would like to check my mails, read some sites, etc My mind is between ZHD, ipod touch or something else. You know other products I could use to surf the web mainly? (in a similar price range as the ZHD or itouch?) When the audio.

Archos Gmini Series Carry Case. Mp3 Player, Protective Cases, Carry On, Audio, Hand Luggage. "Here's look at the generation of iPod touch, including its features, pros, and cons, plus comparisons to the iPhone and other portable media devices." Sell Any Mobile Comparison.

Sep 20,  · How about a new PMP for Christmas? Their players rock. I bought the Archos WIFI in September of and would like to get the new one pictured at right.

iPod Touch vs Archos 605 wifi (webbrowser, video, youtube)

The one problem with the new Internet Tablet is that it’s pricey. Apple iPod Touch.

A comparison of archos 605 and ipod touch
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